Tips from New You perspective: Brazilian Butt Lift aka BBL

In the first week of Brazilian Butt Lift, it is normal to feel a mix of emotions. At this point, you may still feel swollen, sore and tight, and your attractive new contours are not yet fully visible due to swelling. However, with each passing day, you’ll feel better and stronger. One of the number one pieces of advice our Brazilian Butt Lift patients recommend is to carefully follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions. These guidelines will help to speed and optimize your healing and provide a positive recovery experience.

Immediately following the procedure, the patient can expect to have bruising and swelling in the areas used to harvest the fat cells. Pain can be managed with medication, although it is advised to switch from narcotics to Tylenol before driving a motor vehicle, which also helps to avoid constipation. Every patient recovers differently from surgery, but most often one can expect to be up and walking a day or two after the procedure. Moving around will also help with constipation. Excess tumescent fluid may also drain from the incision points. Do not be alarmed if the fluid is tinged with blood, as this is completely normal and will cease a few days after surgery.

One of the most important recovery tips regarding Brazilian butt lift surgery is to not sit directly on your buttocks for at least eight weeks after the procedure. Patients are often advised to sleep on their stomach or sides (providing no fat transfer to hips), and if you absolutely do have to sit, it is recommended to use a donut pillow or inflatable pillow. Placing the pillow behind your legs is helpful to avoid putting pressure on the fat graft by raising the buttock. This is very important to achieve long lasting results, as sitting directly on the buttocks can affect blood circulation in the area. Reduced blood circulation could destroy the fat cells transferred to the buttocks, though it should be noted that up to 40% of the transferred fat may not survive, regardless of if a patient has or has not sat down. 

After the first eight weeks of recovery, it is important to still use a cushion when sitting, and to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time. It is also advised to continue to avoid sleeping on your back for the first eight weeks after your surgery.

It is important to listen to all of the post-operative instructions provided by your plastic surgeon to help ensure the final results provide you with an aesthetic pleasing contour.


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